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  Bangers & Mash is a tuber-ular party game where every character is a potato. Compete with your friends on a variety of stages from the Irish countryside to come out as the tater on top.

 Bangers& Mash is out in early access right now!

Check out our and Steam page


About Chiodo

          Chiodo Studios is an independent game studio founded in 2017 by a single, now-18-year-old, George Segress. Chiodo focuses on providing experiences that are both fun and meaningful to player, with both singleplayer and local multiplayer experiences meant to be shared with friends or family.

          The Bangers & Mash Open Beta will be launched on October 9th, sign up to our mailing list for updates!

Chiodo Studios LLC

Based in Redmond, WA

Founding Date:

September 2017

Press/Business Contact:

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